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Changing name in a legal way is not a one-step activity but you need to perform a specific complete process according to your country or state.

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There are many reasons a person would like to change their name, be it first, middle or last name. On the occasions of some major life events like marriage, divorce, or after gender reassignment, one might want to change his name to something else.

Or sometimes it is just that a person does not like his name, the one he was born with, and wants to change it.

Wondering how to change your name? Changing names is not easy as you might think. It is not just a one-step activity where you can get everything done and easily change your name.

But it is actually a process involving many stages and documents that need to be submitted to official institutions. This guide will assist you in understanding different things that need to be considered when going for a name change.

What are Name Change Forms?

Name change forms to come with state-specific changes and are used when a person, old or young, wants to have a name change in a legal way. For all individuals, there are two major types of name changes.

The adult name change is for any individual aging eighteen or above. The minor name change is for all those who are under eighteen and want to change their name legally.

On the off chance that you don't have a likeness for your original name, you can lawfully transform it to anything you desire, just keep in mind a couple of exemptions. You can't name yourself after a VIP since that could be seen as purposefully deceptive, a reserved name, a number, or something hostile or disgusting.

You additionally cannot change your name to submit misrepresentation, sidestep law authorization, or try not to pay any obligations you owe.

How to Change Name After Marriage and Divorce?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when going for a legal name change for whatever reason might be. In case you wish to change your last name after marriage or divorce, your marriage certificate or divorce decree can be used to change your last name at a Social Security office.

You just need to fill some name change forms and show some necessary documents in official institutes.

On the off chance that you choose to change your last name when you get married, you needn't bother with a court request. Before you do whatever else, you'll need to connect with the Social Security Administration. Round out the suitable structure, mail them a couple of various types of ID and your marriage testament, and sit tight for your new documentation.

After you get affirmation that the name related to your social security number has been transformed, you can proceed with the remaining name-change measure.

Also, in the event that you get separated or divorced and need to legitimately change your name back to your original last name, you can normally get the adjudicator to deal with that during the separation procedures. Your name change ought to show up on your divorce decree. After that, you can begin utilizing your last name by birth once more.

How to Change Name for Other Reasons?

Assuming it is for some other sort of name change, it generally should be introduced to the court through a request and to be distributed in the local newspaper for a predefined time span.

Every state has a different procedure for changing the name legally. So, you should first visit your local county clerk’s office to get all the necessary details. There you will know whether you need a lawyer in your case or you are fine without one. Also, bring the important documents needed for name change like id card and proof of residency, etc.

After that, a petition for name change should be filed by filling out the name change form. It is the essential report utilized to present your name change demand. This report can be sent or submitted via the internet relying upon your state.

When different records are finished, go to your neighborhood clerk’s office to have them checked on. This can save a great deal of time and inconvenience on the off chance that you committed an error rounding out the structure.

When the request is recorded, you will be given a court date which will permit you to introduce the reasons for changing your name.

Carry all reports to your court hearing and show up sooner than expected. A decree will be signed if your name change application is approved by the judge. This will allow you to change your name on all important and official documents.


These were all the necessary details needed for changing a name and how to do a name change. Give this guide a good read if you are thinking about filling name change documents and forms and want to know all the steps to legally change your name.