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Changing names is also one of the desires individuals encounter at some point in life. And if you are living in Virginia and want to change your name too, this guide is all you need to give it a good read till the end.

There are various reasons so as to why one wants to change a name. Although there are some common reasons like marriage and divorce, some people just want to have a name change because they don’t like the names they were given at birth.

Virginia is a place with strict laws and rules so if you want to know all the legal procedures of how to legally change your name in VA, we have explained it all.

How to Legally Change Your Name in VA?

Going for a name change feels very exciting as it is a good start to a fresh new life. But the name changing procedures in Virginia and all the paperwork required in doing so can make the process hectic and long.

Virginia name change forms are given by the State's courts for people who might want to legitimately change their name. These structures are utilized by Virginia residents who mean to change their name for political, strict, or other individual reasons.

Individuals who are expecting to take their mate's name after marriage or returning to their original surname after separation, are not needed to follow the procedure through their area's court, as it is much easier for people who want to change their names after marriage or divorce.

Also, there is an alternate arrangement of structures for situations where a minor name change is being requested for Virginia citizens below eighteen years of age.

A minor name change must be appealed to by one of the minor's folks. An individual, grown-up or minor, is precluded from changing their name in the State of Virginia except if they have lived in their present province for the previous six months.

Virginia Name Change After Marriage

Luckily, changing your name when you tie the knot doesn't include any superfluous application cycle or name change structures.

On the off chance that you wish to take your life partner's name after you are wed, you should list both your birth name or your current name and proposed new name on the marriage application.

This doesn't settle the name change in Virginia; however, it gets the cycle rolling. After the wedding, the marriage permit will contain your new name/mark and it will go about as confirmation of your name change.

You will be approached to introduce this marriage permit when refreshing your name change with different organizations and establishments.

Virginia Name Change After Divorce

A name change after a separation can be cultivated during the separation procedures. In any case, it is significant that a name change sworn statement gets recorded before the last separation hearing, or in the other case, you may need to appeal for a name change in the local court.

Endeavoring to change your name previously or after separation procedures will make a totally new case, in this manner including more desk work and at last costing more cash and time.

Moreover, you are just allowed to return to your original last name after a separation; you can't pick a pristine name as this would require a regular grown-up name change appeal which we will discuss in the later sections.

When your separation is concluded, the separation announcement ought to incorporate your ideal name change and you can utilize this archive to refresh the change where relevant.

Virginia Grown-up Name Change

An individual requesting a name change in Virginia probably lived in their area for the previous six months. Solicitors who have a lawful offense conviction record or who are detained or waiting on the post-trial process should include this kind of data in their petition.

After that, it is for the court to choose whether the name change is in the public's wellbeing or not. Endeavoring to change one's name for fake purposes, for example, evading obligation or lenders, is carefully restricted under Virginia law.

Virginia Minor Name Change

All minor name changes in the State of Virginia should be appealed by the minor's legal guardians. Restrictions are the same as in the case of a grown-up name change, a minor name change application can't be made for false purposes. Moreover, the court should track down that the name change is in the minor's wellbeing.


These were all the details on how to change your name if you are from Virginia. This article is a complete guide if you are wanting to go for a name change in Virginia for yourself or any other family member.

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