Name Change in Maryland

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Want to have a name change while living in Maryland but don’t know all the details? Tune in as we have this detailed guide set up just for you if you want to change your name while living in Maryland.

Some people change their names at some point in their life to give their life a fresh new start. And there are many reasons for this too. In this guide, you will get to know all the necessary details about changing your name in Maryland.

Changing Name in Maryland

An individual can change their name under any circumstance. The solitary condition for a name change is that the name change is not for any unlawful or deceitful reason and the new name does not meddle with the privileges of others.

For instance, you cannot change your name to that of a VIP to exploit the VIP's name. A name change can be made either casually by utilization or officially by going to court and recording an appeal.

The occupants of Maryland have two ways to change their name, either by utilizing an alternate name under custom-based law or by filling and submitting Maryland name change forms through the court.

For an individual receiving their mate's last name after getting hitched, or for those returning to their original surname following a separation, evidence of their new conjugal status can be utilized to change their name.

State law verifies that an individual may change their name under any condition that is not illicit or false. All together for an occupant to officially change their name, they should present a request to their Clerk of Court and, whenever acknowledged, distribute their name change in a nearby paper.

Under precedent-based law, an individual is allowed to casually change their name by embracing an alternate name and utilizing it reliably in their everyday life. Notwithstanding, a precedent-based law name change will in any case require the person to utilize some type of composed presentation on the off chance that they wish to change the name enlisted on any records, IDs, and licenses that they have in their last name.

Maryland Name Change After Marriage

Prior to getting hitched in Maryland, a couple should apply for a marriage permit from the court of the province in which they dwell. When a marriage has occurred, the officiant will sign the marriage permit, so, all in all, a mate may lawfully start to utilize their spouse's last name.

The individual should acquire a confirmed duplicate of their marriage permit and utilize this as proof of marriage to refresh their different enlistments and records. Your social confirmation number should be refreshed ahead of some other types of ID.

Maryland Name Change After Divorce

During a separation, on the off chance that one partner wishes to get back to their last name, the appointed authority will incorporate this name change in the separation order.

When a separation has been concluded, the separation order goes about as proof of the separation. An individual returning to their last name should utilize a guaranteed duplicate of this archive to refresh the name on their ID, enlistment, and ledgers.

However, Maryland occupants cannot utilize a separation to change their name to something besides the name they were utilizing before their marriage.

Maryland Grown-up Name Change

All together for a grown-up to document an appeal for a name change with their County Court, they should meet some prerequisites like they must be above 18 years of age and are an inhabitant of the area where they are documenting. Moreover, they must not be petitioning for false purposes and similarly not be encroaching upon someone else's privileges.

Maryland Minor Name Change

For occupants who are under eighteen years old, a request for name change should be recorded by their legitimate parent or guardian. Moreover, composed assent should be gotten from all lawful guardians.

On the off chance that assent is not gotten, a composed lawful notification should be given to the invested individuals. The name of a minor who is aged below one year can be legitimately changed without a court request. For a name change regarding the child’s adoption, the name change ought to be shown in the Petition for Adoption.


So, these were all the necessary details on how to change the name in Maryland through legal processes. This article is your go-to guide in case you wish to change your or your kid’s name while staying in Maryland.

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