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Sometimes individuals come across situations where they need to change their names legally. Some people wish to change their names after marriage and have their hubby’s last name. Meanwhile, after divorce, some people wish to change their names as were before marriage.

There may be many other reasons for people going for a name change. If you are a California resident and want to have a name change in California, this guide is all about it. Here you will know all the details about procedures on how to change your name in California and much more.

How to Legally Change Your Name in California?

If you wish to have your name changed legally in all government records and other legal documents as well, there is a specific procedure you need to follow.

Although all the paperwork and the hectic routines can prove to be chaotic, name change in California is not a one-step activity but a complete process that the individual wanting a name change needs to follow.

California name change forms are filled by individuals over the age of eighteen that permit them to demand a change in name for themselves or for youngsters under their guardianship.

These forms should be submitted, alongside the required administrative work, to a California predominant court situated in the person's region of home. The required amount of fee should also be handed in.

In the event that an adjudicator affirms the solicitation, the individual will be given a declaration to fill in as legitimate confirmation of their name change. The individuals who are trying to change a minor spelling mistake on a kid's birth testament may sidestep the standard recording interaction and make a solicitation straightforwardly with the California Department of Health.

California Name Change After Marriage

In case of name change after marriage, the chance to change your last name will be accessible at the time your authorizing reports are being agreed upon. Nonetheless, to guarantee the legitimateness of the change, contact the Social Security Administration and a neighborhood California DMV to check whether they will acknowledge your marriage permit or testament as confirmation of the change.

It is a likelihood that they will request extra confirmation as a court request. In the event that is the case, your name may just be changed through the standard California Adult Name Change methodology. We have described the method for that in the later section.

California Name Change After Divorce

On the off chance that your separation is yet to be finished, you can make a solicitation under the watchful eye of the court to reestablish your name back to the name utilized before your marriage. This can be cultivated by entering your previous name in the specific area of your Judgment. In the event that your name is being changed to something besides your previous name or to a wedded name you recently utilized, you will have to go through the standard recording of a Petition for Change of Name in California.

California Adult Name Change

A grown-up in California may change their name by recording a Petition for Change of Name with the prevalent court. Subsequent to recording the request, the court will plan a conference date somewhere close to six and twelve weeks away. The motivation behind the meeting will be for an appointed authority to audit the mentioned name and to decide if there is a valid justification for the change. Whenever endorsed, the appointed authority will sign an announcement which can be utilized as verification that the name has been changed lawfully.

California Minor (Child) Name Change

Changing the name of a youngster in California can be cultivated by presenting a solicitation or request to the court. The solicitation will obviously express the purpose behind the name change, the spot of birth and current home of the kid, the youngster's present name, and the proposed new name.

On the off chance that the judge allows the solicitation and accepts your request, a declaration will be given which will fill in as legitimate proof of the name change. The whole interaction may take as much as three months to finish, however, certain courts will have longer holding up occasions relying upon the recurrence of cases being prepared.


So, this was all about how to change the name in California and what legal procedures need to be followed. Hopefully, you have all things sorted out about changing your name in California after reading this guide.

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