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Sometimes people want to change their names in order to have a new start in their life. There are many reasons why one would like to have a legal name change at some point in their life. Whatever the reasons may be, there are some rules you need to follow in order to have a name change in Florida.

For a legal name change, there is a completely legal process in Florida and by following it, you can have a successful name change. Here is a detailed guide on changing names in Florida.

How to Legally Change Your Name in Florida?

The Florida name change forms are reports that are used to legitimately demand a name change for an individual dwelling in the State of Florida.

These structures might be utilized by a grown-up who wishes to change their own name or by a grown-up endeavoring to change the name of a kid in their authority. All filings will be submitted to an agent of the court working inside the candidate's area of the home.

After the solicitation has been prepared, a conference will be booked during which an appointed authority will audit the candidate's purpose behind the solicitation to change their name or the solicitation to change their youngster's name. The appointed authority will at that point decide if the solicitation will be allowed or not.

Name Change in FL After Marriage

Talking about name change after marriage, it is quite easy and a rather simple process. When rounding out your marriage permit application, enter another last name in the zone assigned for the life partner's overall individual data.

You should then make reference to your last name in the following accessible space. This cycle will inform the court of your goal to change your name.

When your marriage is done and is lawful, the first marriage endorsement, or duplicate which has been ensured by the court, is all that is required to demonstrate that your name has changed. After that, you can go on to change your name on any legal document including licenses or passports etc.

Name Change in FL After Divorce

If you wish to change your name after having a divorce, then it is also a simple and easy process. Demonstrate your longing to change your name during the court procedures for your separation. There will be a passage inside the divorce papers which will be utilized for this reason.

At the point when your separation is finished, you will get a separation order that can be utilized as legitimate documentation of your name change. Be that as it may, this cycle possibly applies in the event that you are reestablishing your name to the one utilized preceding your marriage.

Changing your name to something besides your previous name will expect you to record the standard desk work for a grown-up name change, the procedure of which is written below

Grown-up Name Change in FL

Mentioning a name change as a grown-up can be quite an executive task. You first need to document a request with the court in your district. The motivation behind the appeal will be to educate an adjudicator regarding the name change and the thinking behind it.

Furthermore, you should present a state and public unique finger impression-based criminal personal investigation to the circuit court before you can demand a meeting for your case.

Minor (Child) Name Change in FL

The way toward changing a minor's name in Florida is marginally more confounded than the standard documenting system for a grown-up. As well as recording a composed request with the circuit court, you should get the composed assent of the other parent except if you and the other parent have chosen to document together.

The cycle turns out to be significantly more tangled if the other parent can't help contradicting your choice to change the kid's name. In these occasions, it could be ideal to contact a lawyer to decide the most ideal approach.


So, these were all the details on how to legally go for a name change in Florida. If you or any of your family members need a fresh start by changing their name, this guide will prove to be a great help.

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