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Almost every person opts in to change their name after marriage and divorce. That is why Legal Michigan Name Change Forms are so popular. However, there can be several other reasons behind changing your name.

If you are also looking forward to updating your name, you will find all the important information and documents on this page. Also, you can browse the customizable templates and fill out your application online.

In the end, you can sign your document on this platform and download a filled copy to submit to the court.

Different Types of Name Change Michigan Forms

There are three (3) main types of legal name change forms that you can fill out to update your name. These are:

  1. Marriage Name Change Form

There is a tradition of adopting a spouse’s name after marriage. Therefore, anyone can use this form to change their last name at the time of marriage. To use this method, the person needs to use the updated name in the marriage registration and fill out a name change form accordingly.

After preparing both the documents, submit a copy of these documents to the court. The names will be updated after verification by the judicial parties.

  1. Name Change after Divorce

It is another crucial form that is used in this state. You can file to restore your previous legal name at the time of divorce. For this, you need to use the previous name in the divorce registration and fill the name change form accordingly.

Once Again, you need to submit copies of these documents to get the name restored through verification.

  1. General Name Change Form

In the previous two forms, you can not change your name completely. However, this form is used when you want to update your complete name. For this, you need to follow the complete steps provided by the state court of Michigan.

They are as follows:

  • Apply for a background check in which an FBI officer will verify your information and will ask you a few questions about the change. It is done so that the person is not trying to get away from a legal obligation.
  • Fill out the name change form and mention all the important details there. You can use the templates available on this website to do that. Also, sign the document and submit it to the court.
  • Make a public announcement by releasing an advertisement in the newspaper. It acts as proof that you have made the announcements about your name change.
  • Submit all the required documents and wait for confirmation. After getting the confirmation, update all other documents according to your new name.


You can find all types of Michigan name change forms on this page. Browse through the different templates and find the one that suits your requirements. Also, sign the document online and save all the time and effort of getting your document verified.


Is it Important to Use a Template?

Creating a name change form can cause some legal troubles for you. It is because they are not valid to use. That is why it is better to use templates so that you can easily enter your information to sign them.

How to Sign the Final Copy?

This platform has an eSign feature that lets you sign any document online. To use this feature, you need to draw your signature with freehand writing or upload a physical signature on the document. Either way, you can get it done without using a printer or light pen.

Do I Need a Lawyer While Updating My Name?

Getting a lawyer is optional in this process. However, we recommend getting one as they have the updated information about the process. Also, they can protect you from legal problems that may arise in the process.

How to Choose the Right Name Change Form Online?

You can choose from the above three forms according to your requirements. If you need to change your surname while getting married or filing for a divorce, you can use the first two templates. However, if you want to change the complete name, you can go with the general name change form.

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