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A lot of people use online forms to change their names in New York and other states. If you are looking forward to change or restore your name, you need to fill a New York Name Change Form. This form helps you change your name legally, by acknowledging that you shall be called from the name new now.

There can be many reasons behind changing one’s name. Some people do it while getting married while some use it to remove their last name after divorce. Either way, you need to fill out a form that states all your legal work will be carried out from the new name.

Get Latest New York Forms to Change Name

This page covers how to legally change your name in NY and provides all the important details regarding this matter. Legal name change NY forms are used for the same reason, and you need to fill out and sign this form accordingly.

On this page, you can find the latest templates and forms that will help you in the process. All the forms are available in PDF format so that you can easily edit them. There’s an option to download the form and edit it with Adobe Acrobat Pro. However, if you wish to avoid using any software, you can edit them directly on this website. The legal name change NYC gives you the freedom to update your legal information whenever you want.

Below are the few instances when you can change your name. However, it is optional to provide any reason to change it

Changing Name After Marriage in NY

A person can change his/her name while getting married to someone. To change your name through this process, you need to mention the new name on the marriage certificate that is related to the spouse’s last name or must have a connection with it. Some couples use a combination of their last names to form it.

After deciding the name, you can show the marriage certificate and apply for the new name through this process. Similarly, anyone can change or update the name in other documents such as identity card, driving license, voting card by using copies of these documents.

Changing Name After Divorce in NY

In case of a divorce, a person can choose to restore their name to the previous one. For this, they need to update the names on the divorce papers and file an application along with a copy of those papers. User can not choose to go for any other name through this process as it only permits to restore the previous one.

After that, you can use the copies of the divorce paper and name change application to update other important documents.

Changing Name WIthout a Reason in NY

If you just want to change your name for a general reason, you can do it through this process. Here, you do not need to provide any marriage or divorce certificate. Instead, you need to file a petition with New York State Court. After this, you need to order granting leave to change your name and get it published in a newspaper as an announcement.

After that, get the document notarized and pay the filing fee for the application. You will also need to fill out the above template and enter all the information it needs.

Refer to the below instructions to know how to fill this form.

The Easiest Way to Fill Out These Forms

To fill out an application, you need to click on a template and choose the edit option. Them, you can enter your information and sign the document using the eSign technology of this website.

You can either sign them through a touch screen or upload your signature to embed on the form. Once the form is ready, download the document and submit it to the New York State court.


Changing a name in New York need not be a challenge. All you need is to fill out a form and announcement it in a newspaper. Also, there are some other formalities (only if you are not getting married or divorced) that will help you in the process.

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