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On the off chance that you live in Arizona and need to change your name, you can follow a couple of straightforward strides to demand a lawful name change. Regardless of whether you essentially do not care for your name or need to transform it after getting separated or married, the cycle is something very similar.

The decision of whether you will change your name after your wedding is totally up to you. A name change in Arizona, explicitly, requires a little skill and a couple of various advances, so we've separated it for you in a simple guide.

Regardless of how you change your last name in AZ, there are some significant things you should think about the cycle. Here's our guide on the best way to change your name in Arizona.

How to Change Your Name in AZ?

There are Arizona name change forms that can be utilized and filled to lawfully change the name of a grown-up or kid dwelling in the state. All archives should be recorded with the prevalent court in the province where the candidate dwells.

Note that the structures needed to execute a name change will fluctuate contingent upon the area in which they are submitted. In this manner, the candidate should contact the better court earlier than accommodation to guarantee that they have the right structures.

On the off chance that a name is being changed because of a marriage or separation, the interaction is undeniably less tangled as the individual may change their name when executing their permitting archives from order.

Arizona Name Change After Marriage

Changing your name to embrace your mate's last name can be refined when marking your Arizona marriage licensing records. At the time that the structures are being rounded out, you can determine another name which can be expected once the interaction has been finished. So, this makes it easy for you to change your name at the time of marriage.

Your marriage authentication will fill in as evidence that your name has changed and it very well might be utilized to refresh your government’s documents as well.

Arizona Name Change After Divorce

To change your name in light of separation, you can make a solicitation during your court hearing to return to your previous name.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you might want to change your name after your pronouncement of divorce has been given, or in the event that you might want to change your name to something besides your earlier name, you should document the standard grown-up name change application with the unrivaled court of Arizona, that will be discussed in the later section.

In the wake of getting your divorce documents, it very well may be utilized as evidence that your name has been changed.

Arizona Grown-up Name Change

A grown-up may change their name for reasons other than marriage or separation through the recording of an application with the unrivaled court. The application should present the explanation behind the name change just as the new name that will be utilized.

The court will settle on a choice concerning whether the new name might be expected by the candidate after discussing some important matters like whether the candidate has been sentenced for a lawful offense or in the event that the candidate has forthcoming charges for any offense like the deception of personality or bogus proclamations or any else.

These restrictions along with many other restrictions are imposed by the Arizona Supreme Court on individuals who wish to go for a name change.

Arizona Minor Name Change

Changing the name of a minor in Arizona can be refined through the accommodation of a composed application to the unrivaled court.

The solicitation must be made by the youngster's parents or guardians and it should be documented in the province where the kid lives.

In the event that the reason for the name change is to just adjust a minor spelling blunder on a birth authentication, an application can be documented with the Arizona Health and Department of Services. Some other explanations behind changing the name of a minor will also be needed by the court.


So, these were all the necessary details on how to change a name in Arizona through legal processes. This article will guide you completely in case you wish to change your or your kid’s name while staying in Arizona.

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