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Changing the name in Colorado is no longer a challenge now. You can use the name change Colorado forms and get your name updated legally. However, there are some colorado name change requirements that you must meet before applying for the name change.

On this page, we will share every single detail that is important in changing your name and will share how to legally change your name in Colorado conveniently.

Before you start, please know that the person who wants to change their name must be at least 18 years old. Before that, the person does not qualify to get a name update in Colorado. Thus, if you are above 18, you can go for this change.

The Latest Colorado Forms to Change Name

Find the latest name change Colorado forms and submit your application without going through any troubles. Here, you can find different type of templates that helps in changing the name in case of a marriage, divorce, or a general event.

Thus, you won’t need to look for any other solution to get this work done. Additionally, you can find the eSign feature on this page that will help you sign the application to make it legally valid.

If you are wondering how to legally change your name in Colorado, you will get the complete guide to help you out. Before you go ahead, and start filling the forms, here are some options to change your name legally.

Changing Name After Marriage in Colorado

The most common reason behind changing names in Colorado is marriage. People love to take their spouse’s last name after getting married to them. That is why you need to use the new name on your marriage certificate and submit it to Colorado State Court along with your application.

Please know that there are some guidelines to update your name with a marriage certificate. You can only update the last name with your spouse’s surname, or a combination of each of your surname. Thus, make sure you do not confuse this option with a different one.

Once all the formalities are completed, you can legally get your name updated in other documents.

Changing Name After Divorce in Colorado

In other cases, people can change their names while getting a divorce. However, it can only restore your name to the previous one. You will get your last name restored by filing for a divorce application.

The process is similar to the previous one and you need to update names in the divorce papers. After that, you need to fill out the name change form and submit copies of both the documents to the Colorado State court.

After proper investigation, your name will be legally restored to the previous one.

Changing Name Without Marriage or Divorce

You still have an option to change your name without any marriage or divorce. With this option, you get the freedom to make any type of changes to your name. Follow these steps to do it:

  • File for a background check to know you provided accurate details
  • File a petition and get the required documents
  • Release the announcement in a newspaper
  • Fill out the name change application form
  • Submit the copies of both the documents to the court

After following these steps, you will get your name updated to the new one. However, you still need to fill out an application with a customizable template. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Fill Out Name Change Form Online?

Follow these steps to fill out a name change form:

  • Choose the template according to your requirements
  • Edit the document to enter your information
  • Sign the application using our advanced eSign feature
  • Download and submit the document to Colorado Court

That’s it. You can now fill out any more online.


Colorado name change form makes it easier to update your name without providing a reason. All you need is to fill out the right application form using our customizable templates. The above guide covers the complete process of applying for a name change.

However, we recommend connecting with a lawyer to get the updated information.

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