Name Change in Texas

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Sometimes people have to change names because it is a necessary thing or sometimes, they don’t just like their birth names. Either way, it’s a long process and you need to know everything before going for a name change in Texas.

The way toward changing your name can be tedious with the measure of paperwork required. Regardless of whether you have lawfully changed your name because of marriage, separation, family, or court request, this article provides a complete guide on the cycle, desk work, and government organizations you should visit to make your name change in Texas officially.

How to Change Your Name in Texas?

In case you are wondering about how to legally change your name in Texas, don’t worry as we are here to tell you all about it. Changing the name in Texas might be tiring, keeping in mind all the paperwork and long schedules.

But once you know about all the details and the documents needed for this process, it’ll be quite easy. All of this will be covered here so keep on reading.

The Texas name change form permit occupants of all Texan regions to request a name change through their neighborhood court.

Besides marriage or separation, there are numerous motivating forces for which one may change their first, as well as last name, several governmental issues, religion, or other individual reasons, may have an impact.

Grown-up name changes (for people more than eighteen years old) are frequently allowed as long as the individual is certainly not a sentenced criminal and the change is in light of a legitimate concern for the general population.

Texas Name Change After Marriage

If someone wishes to change his/her name after getting married, then it is quite simple and can be refined without recording a petition and visiting the court for any hearing. Regardless of whether you are taking your life mate's last name or hyphenating your last name, you should follow the wedded name change procedure.

The only thing you need to do is to enter your proposed new name onto your marriage license and document it with your area court after the marriage.

A duplicate of your marriage testament will be shipped off you which will fill in as your essential legitimate name change record. You can use it to refresh your wedded name with different government organizations and monetary establishments.

Texas Name Change After Divorce

Numerous individuals wish to change their name after they get separated, for the situation where they have taken the name of their ex-life partner. Those who are keen on returning to their last name by birth just need to remember a statement for the separation request expressing their longing to do as such.

The court can arrange the name change inside the separation order, as long as they are sure you are not changing your name to evade criminal indictment or obligation gatherers.

The separation order is the verification of your legitimate name change; you can utilize it to refresh your name on the entirety of your records, licenses, and ID cards.

Texas Adult Name Change

If you are not changing your name after the wedding or separation, you should go through the lawful name change procedure. The lawful name change measure fluctuates relying on your state yet, for the most part, it starts by requesting from the court for your ideal name change.

You can give a petition for name change in Texas by filling the name change forms. The timeline for a lawful name change can be a few months and frequently requires proper documents conveyed to significant gatherings or distributed in a neighborhood paper.

Texas Minor Child Name Change

If you might want to change the name of your minor kid that is under eighteen years of age, you should go through the legal process for a minor name change in Texas that differs by every state.

Whenever you've chosen what you need his/her new name to be, the interaction starts by appealing to the court with the ideal name change for your minor youngster. This interaction can go for two or three months and regularly requires adequate notification conveyed to applicable gatherings or distributed in a nearby paper.


So now you know what legal measures are required for name change in Texas. This guide is a help for all those who are wanting to change their name for one reason or another but don’t know where to start. Hope you have understood the legal processes by giving this guide a good read.

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