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A person can have his/her reasons to get their name updated. However, you need to find and download a name change form Ohio to get your name updated in this state. If a person has a residence in this state for more than a year, they need to follow all the guidelines of this state.

This page covers everything you need to know about changing your name. Additionally, you can use the available templates on this website to find more information.

What Are Ohio Name Change Forms?

Ohio name change forms are the application forms that let you update your name legally. To use these forms, you must be a resident of this state for more than a year with a legal age above 18. If you met these criteria, you can apply for a name change with one of these forms.

If you wish to update your name in documents like your driving license, voting license, and birth certificate, you need to fill up an application first. This application is called the Ohio name change form.

In different scenarios, you will need to fill different name change forms in this state. That is why it is important to find out what type of form is useful for you.

Different Forms to Change Name in Ohio

Every situation requires you to fill a different form. Below are the three main name change forms that you can find online.

Form1- Name Change in Marriage

The first form is most popularly used in changing the name of a person. It is helpful when you or your partner wants to change surnames after marriage. For this, you need to use the updated names on the marriage certifications and fill up this form to get the updated name.

You can file a copy of each document to the state court of Ohio. After a brief verification, the names will be updated accordingly. Please know that you can only change the last name with your spouse’s last name or a combination of your last names. It does not allow you to change your name completely.

Form2- Name Change in Divorce

The second form is used when someone wants to restore their original name in case of a divorce. For this, they need to mention the updated names in the divorce certificate and fill out this form to apply.

After verification, you will be allowed to restore your name to its original form. It will only affect the last name and your first name will stay the same.

Form3- Name Change Without Marriage or Divorce (General)

Here is the most popular form that is used when you just need to update your name for some reason. Although it gives you complete freedom to choose your name, the process can be a bit lengthy.

Here are the steps to get it done:

  • Ask for a background check that will verify the details provided by you. This is optional as some cases do not require this verification for the process. However, checking it with the authorities will clear your doubts.
  • Fill out the above template for name change and submit your application to the state court of Ohio.
  • Roll out a notice and announce your new name in a newspaper. It works as proof that you have changed your name legally.
  • Pay the filing fees and wait for confirmation from the authorities. Once you get the confirmation, you can update your name in other documents easily.


Here is a list of all the Ohio name change forms that you can use in this state. The process of legal name change in Ohio is much easier with these forms. Thus, you can download one from this website and sign it using the advanced eSign feature.

If you still face any problems, you can download and edit the document offline. After filling the form, you can print out the final copy and submit it to the respective department.

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