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There may come a period in your life when you wish to change your name. reasons might vary from person to person. Some just want a fresh start with a name change.

Regardless of whether you wish to change your name after you have divorced or married, or for another explanation, by and large, North Carolina law diagrams a methodology for doing as such. By following these means cautiously, you can effectively change your legitimate name in the province of North Carolina. And this guide is here to help you with it all.

Instructions to Change Your Name in NC

There are a few North Carolina name change forms that inhabitants should round out and record to lawfully change their name. Be that as it may, when getting hitched or separated, people just need a duplicate of their marriage declaration or separation announcement to change their family name.

For some other name change purpose, people should post a Notice of Intent to File Name Change in NC and record an appeal, a few authorized sworn statements, and a criminal personal investigation with their district County Clerk's Office. In this expression, the interaction for changing the name of a minor or in this case under sixteen years old is unique in relation to a minor who is sixteen or seventeen years of age.

More youthful minors should have a parent request for their name change, while minors who are at any rate sixteen years of age can present an appeal for themselves. Systems for changing your name can be diverse relying upon the province where you live, so you ought to consistently check with your area court to confirm the necessary structures and expenses.

Name Change in NC After Marriage

In North Carolina, all that you require to change your family name when getting hitched and everything necessary for you to change your last name is a guaranteed duplicate of your marriage authentication. You have the alternative of either taking your mate's name or making a hyphenated name.

Besides, you are allowed to have an alternate name on your ID than the one that you use socially or in the work environment. Your marriage authentication can be gotten inside up to ten days of your marriage being recorded.

You should demand a guaranteed duplicate of your endorsement from the Register of Deeds for your area. By utilizing this record, you will be allowed to change the name on your government records, driver's permit, financial balances, and visa.

Name Change in NC After Divorce

In order to return to your birth name during a separation, you should simply demand the name change in your separation or divorce file and the change will be remembered for your separation order. When your separation is conclusive, you may acquire confirmed duplicates of your separation order from the workplace of your District Court to refresh your ID, enlistments, visa, and so on.

Indeed, even if you did exclude a name change in your separation order, you can in any case continue the utilization of a past family name with no further court measure.

To continue utilizing a past family name, go to your nearby Clerk's Office with a duplicate of your separation announcement and solicitation to have your last name by birth or recently wedded name reestablished. You will be charged for this help.

By utilizing a duplicate of your separation order and the report which the Clerk provides for you, you will actually be allowed to reestablish your original surname.

Grown-up Name Change in NC

In North Carolina, any grown-up individual who is in any event eighteen (18) years old can request the court to permit their name to be changed. Notwithstanding, inhabitants are just allowed to change their names one time.

Besides, they cannot change their name in the event that they are endeavoring to get away from obligations or a criminal record. Even though the approval interaction in North Carolina is moderately brisk, inhabitants should go through both a government and state criminal individual verification before they can record a Petition for Name Change in NC.

Minor Name Change in NC

In order to change the name of a minor who is under sixteen years old in North Carolina, either of the youngster's folks should present a request to their regional court. On the off chance that just one parent signs the request, they should acquire composed assent from the other parent and record it with their appeal.

For a solicitation to be accepted, the purposes behind making the name change should be understood, like adoption or for a stepchild.

A minor who is sixteen or seventeen years of age may request it for themselves, yet they actually need to acquire parental assent. Moreover, they should get two sworn statements from non-relatives that can vouch for their great character.

Minors who are sixteen or seventeen years of age may likewise be approached to submit to a criminal record check as well.


This was all that you need to know on how to legally change your name in NC. NC has some strict laws and the procedures can be sometimes confusing or time-consuming. If you wish to go for a name change in NC for yourself or your child, this guide is your go-to help.

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